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Our Defaulted Student Loan Program is designed to help individuals   
with defaulted Federal student loans get out of default with    
the best solutions possible for their situation and to meet their goals.   
For almost two decades Professional Student Loan Solutions has been providing   
student loan finance and consolidation solutions for our clients,   
before any other company could address issues involving defaulted student loans.   

The Process

Our Defaulted Student Loan Program will help individuals with Federal defaulted student loans get back on track through student loan finance and consolidation or rehabilitation of one or more student loans. We CAN work with those individuals who are getting their wages garnished.  We currently have a program that will result in our clients having unlimited forbearance options available to them.  Meaning, no matter what is going on in their life, if they need to put their student loan payments on hold, they can and will never be forced into default again.  In addition, there are extremely flexible payment options available, including those based on their income.

In the defaulted Federal student loan program process, we will represent the client through a limited power of attorney to act as an intermediary between the client and his creditors to resolve their student loan issues. The restructuring of student loans may be accomplished through consolidation and/or rehabilitation of title IV funds through all existing Federal sources, possibly including the client's original or current student loan creditor.   Most often, new funds are secured through a government program to pay off the old defaulted student loan and provide the client with a new student loan in good standing and a fresh start. Professional Student Loan Solutions will find the best current source for funding.  Other options are rehabilitation or negotiated settlement. Each case is unique and handled on an individual basis depending on the client's unique goals and needs. 

Once you become our client, we will verify all the information regarding your student loans and determine the best course of action for your circumstances.  When appropriate, we will contact the current holder of the loan to notify them that we will be representing you to resolve the loan. Occasionally, good faith payments are helpful during the process.  Often that will ensure that the collection agency will not continue to pursue legal action while we complete the process. It is our goal to get the student loan back into good standing as quickly as possible.

Once our clients have resolved their defaulted student loan through our program, they have a new lease on their financial life and can begin rebuilding their credit!  They will have reasonable interest rates, several payment options, and can qualify for additional student loans for future education. With these options available, there should always be strategies available for the clients to work through difficult periods in their lives without going back into default. They can now take control of their financial situation!

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