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Private Student Loan Protection Program
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The Private Student Loan Protection Program is a unique service designed to help people like you who have large amounts of private student loan debt. This program has been developed through a collaboration between Whitehead Law Office, in Chicago and Professional Student Loan Solutions.  Our offices will be a buffer between you and your student loan servicer providing you some relief.

One of our attorneys will review review your current situation with you.  They will go over all your legal options and will make recommendations for strategies we will use to find the best solutions for you.  We will send letters to your student loan servicers and collection agencies, informing them that you are represented by a law office and request they stop all collection calls and communicate with you only through our offices. 

We will negotiate with your creditors to reach a payment agreement that will fit your budget.  We will also try to get better terms on the loan and bring your account current, whenever possible.  We have excellent results for our clients though the creditor has final say in accepting a plan  If you are unable to make a payment or the creditor is unwilling to bend, we will continue to communicate with the creditor to discourage them from proceeding with any legal action.  In many situations, we will explain to creditors and debt collectors that the law protects your income and possibly your assets.  This is often the case for those on a fixed income or no income such as seniors, the disabled and the unemployed. Usually, we can get them to leave you alone so that you can have peace of mind.

If your servicer employs a debt collector who harasses you after we have communicated that you are a client of our office, one of our attorneys will file a suit against that collector under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

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